Latest Technology Invention – Archimedes Might Be Back

Latest Technology Invention – Archimedes Might Be Back

What exactly are you speaking about? – Archimedes and latest technology invention within the same breath? For individuals away from the know – Archimedes was the traditional Greek’s most well-known math wizzard. He was the one that ran with the roads naked yelling “Eureka” (I’ve discovered it) as he solved an essential problem while relaxing in his bath.

The most recent technology invention is that this – taking what most most likely the most recent and taking advantage of it in a different way. Archimedes had scribed his theories on goat parchment approximately 287-212 B.C. Amazingly, this parchment has resided on – as well as in the dark ages a Monk crawled the papyrus and OVERWROTE Archimedes’ writings – (that was most likely the very best factor to occur – since the writings resided on (covered over) like a Christian prayer book – thus not susceptible to destruction by anti-science thinkers from the Ancient and beyond).

Without stepping into the entire story – the manuscript has resided on even today – where it had been bought at auction for around two million dollars, after which very graciously switched to classicists and old book restorers. It had been discovered that the prayer book have been written over another writing.

Here’s in which the latest technology invention is available in. Professionals were getting trouble studying the actual script, naturally. A physicist that labored using the Stanford Synchotron Radiation Laboratory – which runs the Stanford Straight line Accelerator Center – just became of acquire some information on the Archimedes project while in a conference.

This physicist studies green spinach! His latest technology invention was studying how determine iron along with other elements in green spinach. He – with the info he received – discovered that a lot of it utilized by Archimedes might have iron like a base.

The next phase ended up being to contact the classicists and restorers from the manuscript and suggest using his tools (the Stanford accelerator) to scan it like he did his green spinach – and also the iron content within the ink should stick out (even with the overwriting).

After over 4 years of preparation – using this latest technology invention was accomplished. The checking from the document has been done these days [beginning August 4, 2006]. The outcomes are incredible – are available on the internet and having a webcam.

This is among the first instances where classicists and language scholars and physicists (nuclear along with other) have labored together on the project similar to this. The idea is mind-boggling – two such diverse fields cooperating to create certainly one of mankind’s finest minds to existence together with his writings – that have been hidden beneath hopes for 1000 of years. This really is a classic fascinating utilisation of the latest technology invention.

Wesley Martin