Top SEM Tools You Should Know About

Top SEM Tools You Should Know About

SEM Tools

Digital marketers are always in the quest to increase search engine visibility significantly. While most brands and companies use SEO as a long term option to maintain search visibility, a new company or startup may not have the luxury of waiting for months for organic visibility to develop.

To help new businesses get much-needed visibility on search engines, SEM is used extensively by digital marketers. Given how crowded some domains can become, SEM remains the only option at the disposal of companies who seek to reach their intended audience.

While there are plenty of known SEO and digital marketing tools that help bring efficiency to a campaign, there is a lack of discussion on SEM tools. Since it is a very specific field of digital marketing, SEM tools often get buried by other more popular plugins.

From an online training program to a digital marketing course, students and professionals studying are taught how paid search marketing works. In this article, we will discuss the top SEM tools all those interested in paid search marketing should know about.

SE Ranking

SE Rankings is a key tool digital marketers should know how to use in order to create the right SEM strategy. Primarily a keyword research tool, SE rankings allow marketers to check who they are competing with on key paid search ads.

The biggest upside of using SE Ranking is getting an SEM tool with comprehensive competitor research ability. Through this SEM tool, marketers can see key competitor data such as keyword search volume, CPC, CTR, campaign cost, and so on.

Not only does SE Ranking provide live data, but also a complete historical outlook to the keywords previously bid upon by competitors. To a digital marketer, this data is gold dust and can be used for effective campaign planning.

This SEM tool comes with a 14-day free trial to give digital marketers time to acclimatize with it. It comes with a paid plan of $39/month.

WordStream Advisor

While running a full-fledged SEM campaign, marketers have to manage multiple platforms simultaneously. Paid promotion is important for brands still early in the game and looking to establish their own place in a campaign.

WordStream Advisor is a unique SEM tool allowing marketers to manage their PPC campaigns across different platforms through one single tool. This particular SEM tool allows professionals to work on platforms such as Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, and Bing.

Its USP is the 20 Minute Work Week that provides key tactical suggestions to improve a given PPC campaign. Some of these tips include suggestions for negative keywords, ad groups, ad budgets, and so on.

It is available on a 7-day free trial and comes at a cost of $299/month for a three-month plan.


As the name suggests, Unbounce is an SEM tool used to significantly lower the bounce rate of a particular website.

Unbounce helps optimize the landing page of a search ad. Given the importance of the quality of a landing page in deciding the success of a PPC campaign, Unbounce automatically becomes an essential SEM tool. Some features of Unbounce include A/B testing, AMP optimality, and dynamic content modification to target different audience segments seamlessly.

Unbounce comes with a 14-day free trial and the paid version is offered at $79/month.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, this article covers three important SEM tools all digital marketers should consider using to optimize their paid search campaign.

About the Author – Ankit Yadav is a well-known content writer with years of experience in the field of digital marketing. He currently works as a content writing professional at, a popular institute best known for its digital marketing institute in Delhi.

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