Workplace Internet Use – The Most Recent Termination Tool

Workplace Internet Use – The Most Recent Termination Tool

I used to be employed in a school district in Pa. six years. Over these six years I’d effectively performed the responsibilities of my job coupled with even more often than not gone far above the cod to satisfy the requirements from the job. I consider myself to become a highly qualified Technology Support Specialist and Computer Lab Coordinator.

Eventually while at the office I received a phone call from my boss to satisfy with him in the administration building to go over certain issues. I really didn’t know what it was about that we mentioned to him. At the time from the meeting I came across that the objective of the meeting ended up being to expose my internet use and file storage around the districts server. This completely shocked me since everybody through the district uses the internet so that as a tech I’ve viewed many questionable files of employees around the districts servers. Also like a tech I’d the opportunity to connect to the internet without having to be detected. Furthermore, there’s nothing that states or signifies that non- work related internet me is forbidden that is things i might have done basically had insight towards the future or had something to cover. There’s however a so known as internet policy that isn’t fully enforced through the district nor authorized by the board and it is very grey in the explanation of usage.

Once the internet is utilized a note is displayed proclaiming that utilisation of the internet is really a privilege which any abuse can lead to termination of legal rights. This message indicated in my experience the district permits internet use but discourages abuse. Bear in mind the district simultaneously is free of charge to workout its power and authority to limit any regions of access they so choose with monitoring can site a possible problem and confront an worker anytime.

Rigtht after the very first meeting a hearing was scheduled. This hearing was to look for the plan of action that needs to be taken. Must I go on probation or must i be ended? At this time I felt these conferences were just procedure and also the outcome have been predetermined. The choice obviously ended up being to terminate me when i expected. This offense in no way warranted termination thinking about no legitimate causes for termination were present for example fraud, dishonesty, breach of trust, insubordination, absenteeism, incompetence, misrepresentation or sexual harassment. I started to suspect there can be an ulterior motive because of the way the problem was handled and also the swiftness from the proceedings. I wasn’t given an alert or granted an chance to fix the issue.

Regrettably the majority of us believe we’ve more legal rights at work than we really do. The fact is that you could be fired from your boss anytime unconditionally or pointless unless of course you fit in with a union. As well as that can’t help you save if somebody desires to eliminate you. A company isn’t obligated to provide prior notice or warning, second chances, or perhaps treat employees with fairness. Why wouldn’t a company need to see an worker improve unless of course the main objective is elimination?

While using internet like a tool for termination is wrong and completely unfair towards the worker. If the employer needs to terminate an worker he ought to be honest and open with this individual. Existence sometimes requires change. Change is really a true reality of existence. In my opinion any mature adult can accept this. I might don’t know the actual reason behind my termination or even the pressure behind it. I’m able to only conclude by discouraging internet use at work as it may be utilized against you later on.

Wesley Martin